Soongu Jung is an attentive designer who uses sustainable design process to make creative

objects that would bring awareness of environmental issues and introduce sustainable design

solutions to the consumers of his creation. He is a founder of AAG Studio since 2008 and is in

preparation process towards opening a new company UTILE within 2013. He is also working

in various fields, as a design consultant, curator, installation artist, product designer and

furniture designer.



2019 Craft Pairing, SPACE B-E, KR

2019 Interior Design Korea, Material Cube, KR

2016 Younhyun TILE, kujung MARU by 8 Creators, SPACE B-E, KR

2015 0914 Bag begins, Bag stage,SIMONE, KR

2015 Common Center Living Art Fair 2015,KR

2014 Penguin mobile, KCDF Jeju cube, KR

2014 Warmth, Culture Station Seoul 284, KR

2014 Paperworld Frankfurt 2014, DE

2013 'Hanji Design Tournament',Craft Trend Fair, KCDF, KR

2013 'Sharing ideas', SPACE B-E, KR


2013 Remember me, My 30 days, Seokyo 397-1, KR

2013 'Atmosphere', SPACE B-E, KR

2012 'Life A User's Manual', Culture Station Seoul 284, KR

2012 < Hello, Opacity! >, KCDF CUBE, KR

2012 Samchunpo, Seoul Art Space _ Segyo, KR

2011 < Hello, Opacity! > , COEX, Craft Trend Fair 2011, KR


2011 B-E, Beyond the Material, KR

2011 "non & san",Sangsangmadang Nonsan, KR

2011 Boutique Monaco Museum, Shop BMM Season 1, KR

2010 Maison&Object Paris, Seoul Design Foundation, FR

2009 "My favorite things",Sangsangmadang Artsquare, KR

2009 Tokyo designtide, "Seoul Young Designers Pavilion",Seoul Design Foundation, JP

2009 "Color EXPO - Green design", Daegu EXCO, KR

2009 "Greendesign & shareing", Design Cluster, KR

2009 Restaurant Week & T, Pazin Restaurant, KR

2009 World Design Market. KR

2009 "spring", Living Design Fair, KR

2009 "Family", PROJECT MINT/R, KR

2008 "World Design Market", Seoul Design Olympiad, KR

2008 "Design Super Market", Design Cluster, KR

2007 "It is both limited and unlimited", Korea ecoproducts, KR

2006 PROJECT A SHADOW(Shorebird), Korea ecoproducts, KR

2006 "Hey Art, Hello! Design!", MOA Gallery, KR

2005 PROJECT A SHADOW(ENDANGERED BIRD)", Korea ecoproducts, KR



2018 Bucheon art bunker B39, Bucheon

2017 Chromite coffee roaster, Incheon

2009 - 2015 Anthracite coffee Roaster, Hapjung, Jeju, yangju _ Creative Director

2014 TOMS shoes - Daejeon fasade design

2014 Samsung - 삼성전자 Collaboration -

2013 Penguin books China - Product design - free lancer